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"Successful People Are Always Willing To Do What Unsuccessful People Are Not" - Ryan Rieder
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The Amazon #1 Best-Selling Chiropractic Marketing Book - The New Patient Avalanche System: The Exact Marketing Blueprint That Helped Me Scale To 8 Practices And Over 11,000 New Patients Every Year
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The best Chiropractic marketing book on the market. This book will give you all the information and strategies you need, both online and offline, to reach those people and get them to your business so you can start to take care of them. A must for anyone in a health care business. - S. Pullin, Chiropractic Business Owner

"Marketing Is Helping People Find You And Helping Them Come To A Decision To Use Your Service Faster Than They Would Normally" - Ryan Rieder
No need to reinvent the wheel! Listen and learn from someone else’s mistakes. After 20 years in practice, Dr. Ryan has give me some real golden nuggets! - K. Harm

These podcasts are short and concise with immediately implementable strategies in practice to grow. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to some old and new information presented in a way that has practical use rather than the common sales pitch of "I'll tell you why it's not working", not addressing the "how to change it" and then requiring you to sign up immediately to the coaching/program etc. to get answers. Thank you for sharing your collective knowledge. - E. Simpson
This guy knows what he is talking about! Great content! Thank you Ryan, for being so amazing and helping my practice grow enormously. - F. Gernetti
About Dr. Ryan Rieder
Dr. Ryan Rieder (DC), founder of DC Practice Growth and the New Patient Avalanche System, owns and operates 8 offices with over 100 team members that serve thousands of clients every week. His marketing strategies brought in over 10,000 new patients for his offices in 2018 alone, and $7 million-dollars’ worth of revenue. He now helps Chiropractors all over the world grow their practices with his tried and tested strategies. His Chiropractic marketing book is a #1 best-seller on Amazon and has sold thousands of copies worldwide, growing practices across the globe.
  • Live Speaking: Ryan has been on some of the biggest stages in the business, marketing and Chiropractic worlds, spreading his in-depth knowledge and experience
  • Marketing Strategy: He is in the game! His tried and tested marketing blueprints, that get his 8 offices over 11,000 new patients each year, have been shared and taught to his students with insane results
  • Business Growth: Ryan has helped hundreds of business owners all over the world on their journey to becoming financially free 

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